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1. What is the price for a 1000 gallons of water?    $18.12/61=$0.2985 or $2.97

2. How many gallons consumed? 61, 610, 6100, 61000 gallons? Service period 59 days, no pool, no sprinkles...

Nobody has an answer... The town doesn't respond on requests. Commissioners are in silence, ignorance, they simply left their sits

The town pays to Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department $1.7341 per 1000 Gallons of water but charges $2.97, plus meter charge, plus service charge, plus taxes.

Utility Services Taxes are public service taxes on the purchase of electricity, metered natural gas, manufactured gas, and water services. The tax is levied upon purchases within Surfside and may be levied at a maximum rate of 10% for each utility. p.90
Total mess in billing with the present Mayor. There is no surprise now why the Finance Director retired.