Extra cash which we are lazy to pick up.

Have you ever asked yourself what means recycling? Recycling is the process when used materials could be reprocessed. It is unlimited source of valuable raw materials such as glass, plastic, paper or aluminum(cans).

Florida Statute encourages folks to collect recycling. 11 states have so called Bottle Bill. For the purpose they enforced producers to include recycling into the price of a container - bottle(10 cents), cans(50 cents), paper ab 150 dollars per ton and plastic ab 200 dollars per ton. They built special facilities to accept the recycling, to sort it and send to reprocess. Anyone who brings the recycling trash receives a cheque with money back, refund because you have paid it when bought something, for example a bottle of beer.
The facilities sort, press and sell the collected raw materials to the plants to reprocess as commodities. There’s huge demand for recycling materials from China, Argentina and countries with limited natural resources.

In Miami there are several facilities which accept recycling and pay cash. Best Recycling Service Inc 5835 Plunkett St Hollywood, FL 33023 954-961-3033 is one of them. 14 miles away.
can - 50 cents a pound
bottle - 5-10 cents
paper - ab 150 dollars per tonn
plastic - ab 200 dollars per tonn
On this video a gentleman in Hollywood invites everybody to bring cans, bottles saying that the company pays 50 cent for alluminium(cans), prices vary for glass, paper, scraps. The company can even pick up the trash.
In Surfside we pay a waist company to pick up the recycling. We have several trash trucks and could earn extra money by ourselves.
In December at the meeting commissioners without bidding, a tender authorized to enter into agreement with Sun Recycling.