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Before planning to build a garage we have to evaluate the necessity, funds needed, influence, benefits for the town, disturbances to residents.
The issue has been discussed from Mr. Dietch was elected in 2012. The town spent a lot of money for surveys, studies, research and consultations. 
A number of minutes, workshops, committee, and commission meetings were held. At the last meeting Dec. 8, 2015 the mayor announced to speed up the process.
Evaluation. I don't oppose the idea in total. At first, we have to understand do we need it or not?
Nowadays nobody in the office knows the exact number of parking spaces we have. That's why I will audit the number of parking spaces in total, including for charge, for rent, for employees.
The issue is the occupation rate. Today new construction workers occupy them. They receive tickets every day for violating 2 hour parking limit.
In a year, the construction of Four Season Hotel and Fendy Condominium will be over and our parking spaces will be vacant. They are vacant now in the evenings and weekends because the town is not popular and unfriendly to visitors.
I will change it.
Parking is arranged such way that everyone involved benefits except the town and us, Surfsiders, parking business damages our reputation. The occupation rate is very low, thus, we don't need extension before the town improves the situation.
Parking enforsement vehicle South beach
At the December 8, 2015 Surfside Town Commission meeting, a parking meter rate increase of 50 cents per hour from $1.50 to $2.00 for on street parking was approved and will commence on January 1, 2016.  The rate increase is necessary to offset increased maintenance and operational costs. The parking rate in the six (6) Town Municipal Parking lots will remain at $1.50 per hour.  The new on Street Parking Meter rate of $2.00 per hour is comparable to the hourly rates of our surrounding local jurisdictions and other Miami-Dade municipalities. The on street parking spaces are located on Collins Avenue, Harding Avenue, 88 Street, 94 Street and 95 Street and are mostly in the business district. As in past years, Surfside residents may participate in the Annual Resident Parking Permit Program and purchase up to three parking permits per household. An application for the Parking Permit is included in this issue of the Surfside Gazette and is available at Town Hall during business hours between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
I was really supprised by the decision. The budget was adopted two months ago, the rate was determined at $1.25 per hour. How it happened that the actual rate is $1.50 and it will be increased to $2.00? Who runs the city? Who calculated the effectiness of the rise? Why do we look at neigbours?
If I am elected I will stop the practice to violate the law. There are two  main laws in the city, the Charter and the budget. If anybody wants to change the law we have a proceedure, to change the budget for example we will have to pass three readings for a change.
"to offset increased maintenance and operational costs"! transport barricades? We have trucks in the public works department!
What? Is it city management?
Parking hourly rates will remain the same in FY 15/16 with the hourly rate for metered parking spaces set at $1.25 per hour. The monthly business parking permit fees will also remain the same with the rate set at $65 in the 94th Street Lot and $80 in the Abbott Lot. (Budget for FY 2015/2016)
(Budget for FY 2015/2016)
There are two ways to improve the situation either to increase the rate or to cut and reduce expenses.
We have 4-6 parking enforcement vehicles. The distance between 4 parking lots 200 ft 2 min walk. What are these trucks for?
We have 6 people on payroll engaged in parking operations. Maybe it's time to calculate the necessity of them and to use them more efficiently?
The money collected from parking are not enough to keep them.
Raising the rate we can kill the hen who brings gold eggs, scare away guests and tourists. The town needs a new systems to attract people to come, visit boutiques, restaurants, beauty saloons and gourgeous beaches. It's a must.
I know how to do it.
Thank you if you have read to the end. :)