Gating the Community – Guillermo Olmedillo, Town Manager (Minutes Regular Commission meeting, Nov. 10, 2015)
Manager Olmedillo presented the item and gave an update on the procedure for gating a community.
Vice Mayor Tourgeman said it will take many years to do this and does not see any reason why we cannot start a conversation now.
Commissioner Olchyk said people want one way streets, gated communities and do not realize how much it entails and the costs. 
Commissioner Cohen said we should explore gating as many people in the community are in favor of it and does not think it would cost a lot to do.

On my opinion the town manager didn't have to raise the question about gating community.

Mr. Olmedillo had to prepare a presentation what was his vision, the necessity, the scheme, calculation, funds, benefits for the town.

Nowadays we live in an island  we have natural barriers, surrounding water. The biggest trouble is transit traffic 98%. We must invent something that will ease the situation and help us to live safely.

I know how to do this.
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