As a Mayor candidate I’m  Victor May conducting this research in order to understand the needs, troubles, concerns of Surfside residents and businesses as well, accept ideas how to improve the life, live happy and prosper in Surfside.
The survey is anonymous. You decide to sign it or not. :)
How old are you?
What kind of help from city you would like to accept for your family?
How long do you live in Surfside?
How many kids in the family?
Whom of Stars you’d like to give a hug?
What is your general opinion what’s going on in Surfside?
Are you satisfied with blue collars service, Mayor and Commissioners run?
What do you think about Town manager, town attorney, town clerk?
What do you think about our building department?
What about finance, parks and recreation, tourist, HR department?
What do you think about our public works department?
What do you think about our police department? Any complains?
Household income
Do you care of property tax millage?
Have you ever used free bus service? Do you intend to use in future?
Would you take part in free social events as a participant, spectator?
How often do you attend Community center, tennis courts, parks?
How often do you attend restaurants, Harding Ave stores, beach?
What to improve in Surfside? Your ideas, projects
Your position to expand parking with building a 3 store garage?
Your position to have our community gated?
Your position to build the second floor in Community center?
Holding true to what Surfside values,
Victor May