, 6 month experiment, paperwork, minutes, meetings, business plan,
, expense structure 7>58<35, audit, billing, investment fund, TV Channel, Website, New Charter, Town Code Revision
, beach (cleaning, palm-trees, umbrellas, tiki-hut, rest, changing room, showers, lifeguard stands with drone/Heli, scooter, storage, zones, shark alert system), events(Independence Day, New Eve Festival), in-need hand, first job, new businesses (café, stores, auto cars), towns co-op, twin sisters,
, jobs, projects, town hall renovation (open space, theater, gym, warehouse), parking (automated gates, Joint venture), developers(Planner, Building code,
p.71 2017-2018 budget
Beach (re-nourishment, boardwalk, riprap, pontoons, business plan)
Multicenter (preschool, High School, studios, guest rooms, pools, gym, spa, restaurants, business plan)
Business Area (underground storage, parking, existing and new businesses, rejuvenation valley, business plan)
Solar town, wires (underground grid powered by solar energy, business plan)

Gated residential area
Office reform
Under construction. sorry

The town lacks of communications with residents despite of having website, monthly Gazette,
Channel 93, e mailing, street posters  https://youtu.be/if1VpiZxgE0

Interpretation of the Law, differences in punishing policy and ways to live happy​

Cons and Pros for gated community, State regulations, expenses and maintenance

Beach regulations, opinions, discussions, chairs, amenities, future
Budget, taxes

Budget surprises, Budget Committee, property and other taxes, the tax influence on safety, health and welfare  ​
Town Development, traffic, parking


Social Programs

High School students, first job experience, people in need, help program, single moms, students exchange​
Red light stations

History, description, issues,
Repeal Regulations

To start cutting regulations. To repeal a half dozen or more regulations.The excessive regulations have been killing our reputation.
Community events

Existing and possible events, residents involvement, socializing 

Corruption sounds loudly it is worth to read it why.

Probes of concerned residents, add yours...
Sea Level rise

History, trends