Victor May, Town of Surfside

This weekend we had 9 car break-ins and 1 car stolen on Froude Ave. How long will it continue? We need a gated community. Come to the Commissioners meeting April 13. Raise your voice to support a gated community. They want to announce a referendum. Why people living in condos must decide can we have a gated community or not? They have security at entrance. No stranger can reach any apartment there. We are naked. Anybody can trespass our lovely community and we are not defended by police.

Gating the district can be done by two ways.
1. Open district
2. Privatized the districts streets
The open district is more suitable for Surfside, free access for residents, including those who live in condos to attend Hawthorne Park, 96th Street Park, residents of Indian Creek Island. All others are allowed after ID check.

Gating means closing all exits from residential area by planting bushes, trees as well as fences leaving wickets on odd streets for pedestrians. We may have 2 entrances. 88th St. & Byron St., 94th St & Abbot St(Publix). Exits - 95th St & Abbott, as well as 88th St & Byron St

Pros of Gated community
- Criminal activity is reduced in gated communities, and solicitors will have a more difficult (if not impossible) time bothering residents.
- The integrity of a gated community is only as strong as the integrity of the people that live within it. We have wonderful people and will be more united living in the gated community.
- Traffic and speeding cars are also reduced behind the gates, making it quieter and safer for children to play.
- All contractors are under control. Under the coverage of lawn mowers, ac, building contractors they may scout properties with absent owners.
- We will not have strangers parking in the community.
About 10 new developers will begin new constructions soon, permits are issued. 88 str Townhouses, 90st Apartments-Condo, townhouses on Harding Ave., 91 st - 2nd stage of Surfclub, 94 st Townhouses Chateau, 95 st Cultural Center of Synagogue. With these constructions we will have a mess in the community, specially in the residential area.

Time-Frame, Budget impact

Two months announcing campaign to inform the residents and Surfside visitors about 6 months experiment everywhere possible.
Blocking exits, rearranging traffic pattern -  June 1, 2018
Monthly workshops, 3 month interim, 6 month final decision - January 2019

We will have 8 months to debate, argue, discuss pro and cons, prepare business plan, legislation, reserve funds in the budget to build infrastructure, hire security guards and educating all the time. 

On the first stage, budget impact will be minimal in the frames with existing budget.

Final impact should be determined by September 1, 2018


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