Dear Mr. May
I wanted to thank you for the kind gesture for the balloons on my mother 92nd birthday on January 1st.     She has been a Surfside resident for the passed 35 year and never before has she received a gift of this type from a politician running or in office.
She was very touched
While she does not necessarily agree with all of your positions on local Surfside issues I will welcome the opportunity to meet you in the future and here more about you positions
Marco Rose for
Theodora Rose
Hi Mr Victor May

I got the msg for my birthday
Thank you!!!

The best on your new goal as mayor candidate!!!! Good for us!!!!

Happy new year!!!

You put birthday balloons on my door this week. The balloons and birthday celebratory message were intended for my abusive ex-husband who, thank God, left my home 3 years ago. You must be more careful. You alienated me and lost me as a potential voter.
Victor May 
Hello Ms. Unknown,
I am sorry to hear that. I had only good intention. It is your choice I cannot make you vote for me. I hope you will change your aggressive attitude towards me because I don't deserve it. Visit my website, get acquainted with other candidates programs and vote for the best.
Kindly regards and best wishes,
Victor May
P.S. Thank you for the response.

Dear Mr May
We received a flyer and balloons wishing our loved one a Happy Birthday. Maybe you should do a little more research before sending the flyers. My beloved has been dead for more than 5 years. You brought back bad memories of a life taken to soon.
Good luck!


Hello Ms.                       ,
I am very sorry to hear that. I really didn't want to hurt you or anybody else. It is my initiative to leave a message to residents of Surfside with good wishes for the birthday. I use data base of the Election Department of Miami-Dade. I paid for it from my pocket. It is updated to the present time. They are responsible for the real information and have special funds to check. While sending my good wishes I noticed that this is not the first case. In some cases I would say about 5% I find that the database is not actual because people have passed away or sold the property and left Florida.
Leaving my messages every day is a good chance to understand the real situation in the town, how our folks live, who left the town who is just registered, who divorced and have an additional chance to talk with our residents about issues they concern.
Every day I distribute from 5 to 20 messages and certainly I cannot forecast.
I am very sorry for the situation. My wife's mom passed a year ago and I see how she misses her and suffers.
I beg my pardon,
Sincerely yours,
Victor May
P.S. If I am elected I promise you to correct the database especially by the time of elections.

Thank you so much for the birthday letter with balloons. I appreciate it so much and mostly the kind words. Thanks again!
Victor May 
12:12 AM (27 minutes ago)

to Maribel
My pleasure. Come tomorrow Feb.23, 9511 Collins Ave 6.30 p.m  I will introduce myself and my program.
Kindly regards,
Victor May