Questions to the Town Manager Guillermo Olmedillo for an interview February 15th, 2018 at 12:00

1.      Express your opinion on the article in Miami New Times Haul of Shame.
2.      Have you read The Emergency Operation Plan?
3.      Did you leave the town during Hurricane Irma?
4.      Did you created the Emergency Command?
5.      Did the town trim trees before hurricane Irma?
6.      Explain, why the town has three managers, clerks, numerous receptionists. Are managers responsible for certain projects?
7.      What is your main achievements as Town Manager for the last 2 years?
8.      What is your grade in municipalities’ management? Do you improve your skills? Do you pass Civil Service annual evaluation exam.
9.      Why don’t you address the community annually with results and plans for future? Any big project in plans.
10.   As a planner, do you understand that block 2 is not designed for any business? It was planned as lots for residential houses.
11.  One-way street. Preliminary thoughts, 2 streets concrete paving, planting trees, project cost. How many streets to change? West-East or South-North.
12.  Why beautification of 91st street?
13.  Why Christmas lighting décor increased 5 times?
14.  Sea wall project is finished, isn’t it? Did you show bonds in the budget?
15.   Why 3 key Directors quit? Public Works, Town Attorney, Finance Director.
16.  When do I get the explanation of my water bill with consumption and water rates?
17.  What is time limit to reply for a request? I requested 4 months ago.
18.  Why has water consumption raised from 307,000 to 331,969,100 mln gallons in 1000 times, sold?
19.  How many water gallons Surfside consumed in 2016, 2017? Price per 1000 gallons paid to the Water and Sewage department.
20.  Why impact fee for Surf Club stage2 is only $200k – 2 months payment to Calvin Giordano and Associates Co?
21.  Did Shul pay impact fee before getting a construction permit on a parking lot? What is a parking ratio for a public building? Where will they and guests park? 77,000 sq ft.
22.  How many dumpsters, garbage trucks were bought? Where are the old ones?
23.  Now many police cars, parking, code compliance trucks, ATVs were bought. Where the old ones?
24.  Who pays for maintenance, gas, oil change, insurance for our fleet?
25.  What about the town hall repair?
26.  What is the problem with beach chairs?
27.  Could you reveal a developer offer to build a parking facility on Abbot Ave/95th st?
28.  When do you plan to re-nourish the beach?
29.  When do you fix consequences of Irma, lifeguard stand, pool area, canape?  
30.  What about 96th park?

31.  How much the Town worth, its assets, including property, cash, bonds, debts? Why doen’t the town show assets in the budget?
32.  How much is in reserves?
33.  Too bright at night in Four Seasons area on the beach. Solutions.
34.  Who audits tourist tax, accounting records and supporting documents? Reports for 2016-2017 of all hotels, condos, time-shares etc.
35.  Do you have system of skills evaluation? Last report of Duncan Tavares and Sandra Novoa.
36.  Who includes referendum results into the Charter?
37.  What is up with 8800 Collins delay?
38.  Other future developments.
39.  Wire undergrounding. Process, estimates.
40.  Lightning in residential area.
41.  Through traffic.
42.  Noise from flying planes.
43.  Code compliance system.
44.  Data digitalizing.
45.  What is in the proposal from FPL to underground the utilities throughout Town? Estimate
46.  Gated community. Troubles.
47.  Special taxation area.
48.  Preliminary cost
49.  Where do you plan to spend reserves?
50.  Can we toll 96th westbound traffic from Byron?
51.  What is the reason to change town’s computer platform for a new one now without Finance Director and pay $750k?
52.  Any thoughts about business area?
53.  How much does Surfside pay for beach maintenance?
54.  When do you plan to fix showers at the beach entrance?
55.  Do we have vendors of beach chairs?
56.  Short-term rental.
57.  Landscaping. Palm trimming, flowers, canape trees.
58.  Fireworks at New Eve?
59.  Feral cat and dog issues
60.  Do you meet Miami Mayor Carlos Gimenez? What do you discuss? Any benefits, grants for Surfside?

On Thursday, March 1, 2018 at Town Hall, at 6 p.m  Mayoral Forum

Come and meet the candidates, find answers to these and many others questions.

The debates are available on Channel 93 or online here