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Atlantic Way Surfside, FL 33154, USA 

Two properties with lounge chairs?????

VICK (Registered User)
Mr.X, what is the problem? As I see on the picture there are 2 types of lounges. One belongs to Marriotte, the other condo's. Marriott doesn't have a beach access and prohibited to occupy passages between condos. So, they share the beach with condos-neighbours. It is a public beach. The installed by our commissioners limit of chairs is 40 pieces. Could you specify what disturbs you, please?

XXX (Registered User)
This ridiculous situation will be addressed by the Town Commission. The proliferation of lounge chairs must be addressed.

VICK (Registered User)
All civilized world used to sunbath on the lounges not on the towels on the sand. USA is not a developing country. We must have amenities on the beach. The commissioners issued an Ordinance about beach chairs. Does this situation beyond the ruling? Any commercial activity is prohibited on the beach. All residents, guests and visitors may have use these chairs free on the basis first come first served. It is the point? Do they charge for the chairs?

XXX (Registered User)
Where do youy live, Vick? There is a charge for the lounge chairs. Hotel guests and Waveney and Carlisle "guests" pay. They are not free..

VICK (Registered User)
Well, how do you see a solution? To prohibit chairs on the beach? At the last meeting my proposal was to hire a Beach Superviser and let him control beach situation using the existing chair Ordinance. After a year using the experience to return to a chair problem on the beach and issue Beach Rules. I am working on the concept about beach rules and invite everybody to discussions and share ideas. If I am elected for the Mayor we will settle the trouble for the benefits of residents, visitors and hotel guests. Victor May

XXX (Registered User)
My solution? Public beach so NO businesses on the beach. Oceanfront hotels only can set up minimal chairs. Everyone else, Marriott included, can bring folding chairs.

XXX (Registered User)
Victor, you never sit on the beach anyway so butt out.. mind your own business.

VICK (Registered User)
I visit the beach often from 9 to 11 a.m. and can not stay longer because of the sun. There is no shadow at all. It's the shame that we don't have amenities on the beach including lounges, umbrellas and have to listen residents like you all the time complaining about chairs and offering to bring folding chairs with us. 
It's easy for those who live in oceanfront condos to bring folding chairs but for residents living at houses it's a trouble. Mind the kids. 
I prefer to be served with chairs, umbrellas, soft drinks for free of charge, to come to the beach for pleasure, for fun. And because I'd like to be elected for the Mayor it is my business. 
Regards, Victor May

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Public beach is

Community beach without lounges, umbrellas, just a few, mostly with unfolding chairs

Free Beach with lounges, umbrellas free of charge all included