Beach. Surfside
Dear visitor,

Mayor candidate of Surfside Victor May introduces an idea to improve Surfside Beach.

Renourish the beach, 10 times beach extension, creating riprap reef barrier with boardwalk over it, plant palm trees, it is a well known fact that turtles bring 90% of female hatchlings without shadow, sanctuary for turtles in the lagoons during mating season, safe place for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing of any dangerous species like sharks, lifeguard control towers with quadcopters, horse police patrol, playgrounds zones for kids, gym zones, public restrooms, changing rooms, showers, pontoons, lagoon lap loops lanes, cafes, fishing contests, boat shows in motion, kitesurfing, kiteboarding, numerous spots activities, amenities, entertainment, amusing facilities, water slides, beach chair storage, clean beach of debris, plastic, garbage.

​Dream to live and visit the beach, Miami.
Astronauts leaving to Mars will have postcards with the image of Earth (Surfside Beach) to return.
The beach won't be overcrowded because of location and limited parking spaces. 
Enjoy the paradize all year long.
Have many jobs, kids involvement, removing them from games, drugs.
Have excellent service like on cruise ship.