Victor May
  9117 Froude Ave,
  Surfside, FL 33154
  November 15, 2015
Victor May – Mayor of Surfside Candidate

Admiring Surfside

This is a thrilling challenge to me, resident of Surfside, Russian entrepreneur to nominate myself for the Mayor of Surfside, the town where my family settled 2 years ago.

I love this place. In my opinion, it is the best place in the world, paradise, and it deserves to be admired.

Walking around I have noticed some residents are in need as they try to survive, the others are being bored. Any service by town is for money, money, money.

I would like to offer my candidacy to enrich our life here, both to residents and to businesses.  We must have more dividends from living and working here, in order to be the envy of others
To ease living in Surfside, maximize help to residents and businesses to prosper, minimize township interference, enrich social life,

Any big projects which involve residents financing and affect them shall be discussed publicly and enforced by referendum, equal rights of residents, local businesses and religion authorities,

Expenses optimization and revenue increase, real estate tax freeze and millage reduction – 1st year – 5%, 2nd-10%

To explore Town of Surfside to the World

Sponsorship involvement
Current issues
- Garage (parking lot) - opposition
- Community Fence - opposition
- Program “Hand to in need” will be distributed later
- Educational social life for kids, interesting teen activity with opportunities to get first job experience, grants for college, new contract possibilities for residents, luxury free of charge activity for elder people
New Ideas (for discussion) - Status -Open
Shopping street – World Famous Harding Avenue in Surfside
Religious Holidays - Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Hanukkahs Festivals, Easter, Christmas Festivals, Virgen De La Caridad Del Cobre, Day of the Dead Festival, Muharram, Mawlid al-Nabi, Eid al-Fitr Festivals, Vesakha, Divali Festival
Community center free entrance for residents and friends, free lessons, free drinks and food
Community events- Town Championships in swimming, tennis, pin-pong, water and beach volleyball, beach soccer, dancing (ballet, hip-hop, dancing) Swimming 24 hour marathon
Tourist attractions, Boat show in Motion
Halloween, Formal nights, Pajama Party, Annual Anniversary event Party, Concert of local Talents, Karaoke competition
Every week Movie under the stars,
Annual Emergency service Show(police, rescue team, lifeguards, EM)
Annual Local business Fair
Annual Town Garage sale
Hotels and Businesses involvement in town life
Online Ads Board, TV channel
Illuminating the town
Fireworks 4th July, New Eve. Semiannual Vacancies Fair
Beach - Welcoming Dawn Event, Neptune Carnival, Shark Alert Security System
Any other ideas are welcome, be involved, don’t be indifferent, join us
On the next page, you will find my platform for election to be your representative, you, the only power in Surfside.
Any help, volunteering, support, donations, contributions, in-kind involvement will be highly appreciated.  Filling in questionaire will help a lot.
Committed to the community. Dedicated to progress,
Este es un reto para mí, residente de Surfside, empresario ruso para nominar a mí mismo por el alcalde de Surfside , la ciudad donde mi familia se estableció hace 2 años.
Amo este lugar. En mi opinión, es el mejor lugar en el mundo, el paraíso, y que merece ser admirado.
Caminar alrededor me he dado cuenta de que algunos residentes están en necesidad, ya que tratar de sobrevivir, los demás se están aburridos . Cualquier servicio de la ciudad es por dinero, dinero, dinero.
Me gustaría ofrecer mi candidatura para enriquecer nuestra vida aquí, tanto para los residentes y para las empresas. Debemos tener más dividendos de vivir y trabajar aquí, con el fin de ser la envidia de los demás.
En la página siguiente , usted encontrará mi plataforma para la elección sea su representante , usted, el único poder en Surfside.
Cualquier ayuda, el voluntariado, el apoyo, las donaciones, contribuciones , la p  
tipo en -serán muy apreciados.
Comprometidos con la comunidad . Dedicado al progreso,
 Victor May
If you have any questions,  please feel free to contact me!