A few words about myself

My Mission
I was born in the FarFaraWay Uzbekistan, former Soviet Union republic; I don't know how the fate threw my parents there because they were born in Siberia from political prisoners.
In 1978 I finished the high school and immediately went to the machinery plant as a tuner apprentice because me, my mom and my 6 year old brother lived very poorly. I was grown up without farther and really lacked for him. My mom is deaf and could work as a cook at textile factory canteen. The salary was miserable. 

In 1983 I entered the most prestigious university in the former Soviet Union The Moscow State University of International Relations(MGIMO) at the preparatory faculty at the beginning and one year later Eastern faculty of International Relations.
I studied there for 7 years. My foreign languages were Singhalese and English. According my education I am a diplomat but I had to struggle all my life and work hard. Being a student I became a president of the students labor bureau. I was in charge of all students activity in the University organizing students teams to work in different places throughout the former Soviet Union - Far East, Sakhalin, Siberia, Kazakhstan, Moscow, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, East Germany and others.
After graduating the University, I had a dilemma either to go to the Foreign Ministry as all my friends did or to start my own business. I chose the second and succeeded. Actually not all the time there was a success I had to start from the beginning three times at least.
In 2000 when Putin came to power my wife and I decided to immigrate. I have Microsoft Certificate as a webmaster,    B-2-B Certificate. I passed risk management 2 year course with 4 months internship in Finland, Oulun Hotel-Spa Resort. I am an expert in Tourism(Agency, Hotel), Buiding(developer, Real Estate), Trade(commodities), IT industry, Innovation, Sponsorship, Stock Market.
In 2004 we won green card lottery and immigrated to the United States, New Jersey, Holmdel, because there was a great high school for our younger son. When he finished the school and entered the Pace University in New-York we decided to move to Miami. We rented an apartment in Hollywood for 4 years looking for a “dream house” and at last we found it in Surfside. 
Don’t hesitate to vote for me. If I don’t meet your expectations just kick me out in 2 years.
I am married and have 4 children - 2 daughters and 2 sons. Three of them live in Moscow, Russia, married, bachelors degree in accounting, management, law and finance. One son lives in New-York, unmarried.
Any person has only one life. It depends on the person how he/she wants to live. Any person deserves the better life and happiness.
My mission is, at first, to be successful and happy myself, my family.
Since my family settled here 2 years ago I see many potentials to improve living of Surfsiders, I don't understand why they miss these opportunities to live as in haven.
God kissed Surfside. It has excellent climate throughout the year, gorgeous beaches, friendly folks and now top branded hotels.
It is like a lost gem. I see my mission to pick-up the brilliant, cut the facets with Commissioners, involve citizens to polish it, polish and polish, polish and polish in order to turn the brilliant into a high graded, sparkling diamond.
Attending town meetings, I have noticed that the commission Chamber is not overcrowded. I'd like to see more people. I, as the Mayor, will listen to them attentively and with commissioners take wise, responsible decisions.
Safety. Safety. Safety. We must be safe.
Budget Optimization; to increase town's funds from different sources.
Communicaton. To install direct communication systems with residents, police officers, employees, management, commissioners, hotel and condo managers, business owners using existing Channel77, website, social media.
The salary of the Mayor is 1 dollar a year. I am not an altruist. I want to earn reputation, respect and experience to start my career in the USA.
In 1980 I was recruited for military service to the Navy and served in a warship in Vladivostok as a steer man. Our Ship, antisubmarine warship “Marshal Voroshilov” patrolled the Japanese Sea watching American submarines.
Barefoot childhood
Nowadays I closed all my projects in Russia, bought commercial real estate, leased them for 15 years and resigned lying on the beach. I am an active person and I would like to participate in social life here in Surfside. I see great potential here and I’d like to implement my ideas.

Being an American citizen, I found out that there is a municipal election of the Mayor and Commissioners in March 15, 2016.
I consulted my neighbors and was encouraged by them to apply for the position of the Mayor.