No chair concessioner

Any chair is free on the basis first come first served with privilages for 
1. Residents of Surfside(Bay Harbor) and their guests , 
2. Tourists, renters
3. Visitors and others.
Tips allowed.

Beach Surperviser is the Beach Boss. Phone #

Life Guard control Ocean, Beach attendant serve everyone free. Tips allowed.

a hotel cannot put chairs past the lifeguard stand. And if someone tells you to get off a public beach, not only do you get their name. Call the police. Let police straighten them out.

The chairs can not be closer 30 FT to the shore for a cleaning debry tractor from 9 a.m.  to 11 a.m. and closer 15 ft from dunes for rescue, police, trash tractor vehicles and publc walk all the time.

To avoid people to go walk to the beach to have to get wet,

in advance call The American Engineers Corp. to renourish the beach, bring more sands to extand the beach

Chairs are to be stocked before down and  1 hour after sunrise because of turtles and residents morality or removed in hard raining/strong ocean breeze/emergency/weather alerts

Swimming during storm, lighting, sunderstorm is not recommended

No nudity no sex except nights

No drugs

No weapon

Changing rooms

​No glass containers

No loud music, loud annoying talk, we have silent zones every odd street blocks 87, 89, 91, 93, 95.

To increase parking fee in order to control the balance between capacity of the beach, comfort and service on the beach.

Parking operators

Previlege exchange between Surfside and Bay Harbor. Surside exchanges free parking for free toll over the bridge.

At windy days kite-surfing, surfing welcome

No town responsibility. Any sports activity is at risk of the bather

Parking fund, 10% of tourist tax fund, 50% of food tax Fund pays for any beach improvement and maintanace.