Freedom Declaration
Down town
Brothers and Sisters!

The town of Surfside is in danger! It’s time for Commissioners and Mayor to leave! I am challenging them in Court for negligence, misconduct, fraud, misfeasance, perjury, Elections Code violations, Sunshine Laws, Transperancy Act violations,  etc.

Our Commissioners, Mayor, town officials like rats escaped from the town in state of emergency by 70 miles per hour with beloved dogs leaving feeble seniors without help and hope in blackout and absence of mobile, internet signal.

They like tenacious roaches want to run forever.

They like annoying and blood-sucking mosquitoes have turned my dear fellow neighbors into slaves and zombies.

The perpetual Dictator and his accomplices know or have to know the problems of our lovely Surfside after running 10 years+ in office. They are impotent in finances, in ideas with $20 million debts, to do something to ease the life of citizens.
We have to close the full of drama book and begin new History of Surfside. Only together, we can overcome the following problems,


Poor management, overcrowded office, huge unnecessary expenses, high property tax, no Democracy, illegal overcharged Code Compliance Program, fraud in utility/water billing, no smiles, unfriendly personnel, no Town development Program, system mistakes, shilly-shally, residents needs ignorance, no Sea level rise solutions,  misfeasance,   no cooperation with neighbor-towns in term of the beach and school, no parking strategy to increase revenue, no drills according to the Emergency Operation Plan, absence of storage, dumpsters parking in town – nonsense, town hall needs deep renovation and relocation,


Erosion, beach chairs, enterococci, litter, plastics, no amenities, no public restrooms, showers, ridiculous lifeguards stands, seaweeds, bright lighting at night,

Community center

Water heater, café, abandoned building with absurd, dangerous V-shaped support right-of-way, no flowers,


Dying, about 20 vacant premises, Shul extension, Young Israel Congregation with planning and zoning violations, parking impact, no support to businesses,

Residential Area

Wire underground, Gated community and walkability, overcrowded Middle school classes, absence of high school, 95th St park sucks, traffic mitigation, high level of crimes,

Condos and Hotels

No short-term Rentals Program, poor tourist tax control, no promotion policy, unused condo property, developers impact contribution,


Corruption, no public control, huge financial burden of bonds and loans, a total mess.

With love and hope,

Victor May
High School
Town Hall

Interpretation of the Law, differences in punishing policy and ways to live happy​

Cons and Pros for gated community, State regulations, expenses and maintenance

Beach regulations, opinions, discussions, chairs, amenities, future
Budget, taxes

Budget surprises, Budget Committee, property and other taxes, the tax influence on safety, health and welfare  ​
Town Development, traffic, parking


Social Programs

High School students, first job experience, people in need, help program, single moms, students exchange​
Red light stations

History, description, issues,
Community events

Existing and possible events, residents involvement, socializing 
Repeal Regulations

To start cutting regulations. To repeal a half dozen or more regulations.The excessive regulations have been killing our reputation.

Corruption sounds loudly it is worth to read it why.
Sea Level rise

History, trends

Probes of concerned residents, add yours...