Dear Visitor,

                                                                                                         I hope that you are fine and everything is awesome  in your family.                                                                                                                 Thank you for visiting the website.

                                                                                                         I've decided to run a campaign for the Mayor of Surfside. This is my                                                                                                               second shot.

                                                                                                         The present Mayor is running the 5th term now. I believe we need a                                                                                                                 new blood otherwise, it looks like dictatorship. Let him wish success                                                                                                             in future political activity in the county, Miami or the state.

                                                                                                         Surfside has a remarkable history as a small town, it is a family                                                                                                                       community, quite and friendly, located on a one mile Atlantic                                                                                                                           coastline, Miami Beach, with slightly above 5000 people.

The town is noticeably aging and needs a kick for a new contemporary life of XXIst century, of upcoming automated cars, solar energy, drones and flying machines. 

The town must support any effort of any resident to improve the image of the town by decorating houses, using modern materials, new designs and new technology. 

I graduated from the Moscow State University of International Relations in 1990, a diplomat on education and a businessman on vocation, Risk Management Training under the Europian Common Wealth with internship in Finland, a few Microsoft trainings and others.

I was the Chairman in my community in Russia before my wife and I decided to immigrate when Putin decided to become the President. We immigrated twice, first time to Canada, Toronto, Ajax then to New Jersey after winning Green card lottery.

The goal of my desire to become the Mayor of Surfside is to use my knowledge, experience to help management of Surfside to serve effectively for prosperity of residents, the town and employees.

I understand that without support of majority of  the community we hardly do anything. That's why any participation in any town activity must be supported and appreciated. Any contribution matters. While browsing if you share my or others ideas - join the team to create new strategy and comprehensive plan for Surfside future, any ideas welcome.

We need a Mayor, Commissioners, members of Tourist Board(5 members), Planning and zoning(5), Design Review Board(5),  Parks and Recreation Committee(5), Personnel Appeal Board(5), Police officers Pension Trust Fund(2), Budget Committee(2). The experience of present Commissioners, members is highly valuable.

We have wonderful people who love Surfside and serve it on voluntary basis. Let's work together.

Endorse Victor May for the Mayor of Surfside and together we will create a foundation for our children future.

Short-term Service agenda
- Gated Community
- Office Reform
- Social

​Happy browsing,

Victor May

“It has a small town feel even though you’re in the middle of Miami. I feel like I never want to leave, it’s so great.”
Surfside Resident, Miami Herald​​

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To start cutting regulations. To repeal a half dozen or more regulations.The excessive regulations have been killing our reputation.
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